5 Dos and Don’ts with Hydraulic Car Lifts

There are some very important points that should always be kept in mind while you operate hydraulic car lifts. Often nasty accidents are seen to result when car lifts are not handled properly.

Inexperienced handling of a car parking lift also tends to reduce the life of the machinery, or add to its maintenance cost. Let us therefore learn a bit more about the car lifts here.

hydraulic car lift

Some Car Parking Lift Dos

  • Always ensure that you complete a proper training on such car lifts before you start working with one
  • Never forget to go through the manual for safe operation of the car parking lift. This can save many accidents that we often come across in the garage
  • Make sure you inspect the condition of the car lifts prior to working with them. Check the locking mechanism. Faulty lifts can damage the cars and result in serious injury
  • Always have your safety glasses and protective gear on while working
  • Proper ceiling clearance should be ensured. De-clutter the area where you are working for better safety at work

Car Lifts Don’ts

  • Never use car lifts beyond their capacity
  • If you are not the car parking lift mechanic, make sure you don’t try to repair any faults on your own
  • Never have people or loose objects in the car when lifting it
  • Don’t stand underneath the car if the car lifts don’t have locking mechanism in place
  • Don’t try to work on your own if you are not confident to work on the hydraulic car lifts

These are some of the basic Do’s and Don’ts with using Hydraulic Car Lifts. Follow them to operate the machinery safely and get the maximum efficiency and life out of them.