Kleeman offers you Hydraulic Auto Lift to offer Greater Efficacy

For the hardcore mechanic a Hydraulic Auto Lift is something they really enjoy to lay their hands on. Whether it’s a massive business organization or a small garage, you can’t just deny the wonders they work for the automotive industry. These special auto lifting devices have smoothened and simplified the process of lifting the heavy driving machines. Kleeman has been offering its valuable services to several customers who are looking for perfect auto lifting solutions. They see to it that you derive quality services. Some of the basic features of auto lifts are mentioned below:

  • Battery operated emergency release methods to save you during power failure
  • Bumper rails in wooden or elastic materials
  • Overload detection alarms
  • Klemaphone for hands-free communication
  • Remote control operated
  • Accuracy leveling systems
  • Automatic doors

Hydraulic auto lifts have become popular in the automotive industry simplifying functions and increasing efficiency of the professionals working in the former.


The Right SUV Lifts can Save your Vehicle from Unwanted Damage

The reason why I want to point out how important it is to be using the right SUV lifts is because I once got my pretty JEEP damaged because of using a faulty hydraulic auto lift. I used to live in a multistoried apartment in the outskirts of NY with my girl friend, and we had this great SUV. Parking was a serious issue there, which is why we eventually had to shift homes.

suv lifts

As the space was a constraint, the apartment owners provided some of us with hydraulic lift automotive devices. This way we could park two vehicles in the space that could accommodate only once normally. This was great, although we did face some inconvenience initially, as to who will park their vehicle on the top, and who needs to drive out first. But that was not the real trouble.

While the SUV lift was too narrow (or at least we felt it that way), we found it to be dangerously slippery. There was no surface treatment done to make the hydraulic auto lift offer the minimum friction that is required to prevent accidents. Also, the garage floor had a slope, and for some reason the lift was not perfectly horizontally installed.

It was a job done in hurry, and for cheap, the price of which had to be paid by my poor Jeep in the very first month we started using the hydraulic lift automotive unit! My girl friend parked the vehicle, got down from it, and pressed the button the make the platform rise. By the time the platform stopped, my car started to skid down the other way, and it slipped off the platform! It was such a shock for both of us as we stood there and watched this happen.

Therefore there are a few things that I would like to point out based on my experience:

  1. Don’t go for a hydraulic auto lift unless it has the right safety features
  2. Always try to purchase the SUV lifts from reliable and established brands
  3. Make sure the installation is done in the proper way to prevent accidents in the future

I guess these have been programmed to my mind after that incident. We still have our Jeep, and it does great. But that crash has left a dent on the boot, that I think will be ahrd to get rid off!

Planning a Successful Hydraulic Car Lift Installation

While most garages will have machines like an automobile lift or a rotary auto lift, it might pay to develop some ideas on how to go for installing a hydraulic auto lift for your own garage. While you will have your very own DIY automobile lift in your garage, you may find the hydraulic car lift installation procedure quite interesting learn about.


So how do you go for a Hydraulic Car Lift Installation?

The first step would obviously be to learn all the available types of car lifts, like the rotary auto lift, the hydraulic auto lift, and so on. There are other varieties as well, like the “In Ground Lifts”, the “Four Post Lifts”, and “Two Post Lifts” and so on. Make your choice of the automobile lift after going through the specs, budget and the design to begin with.

The next step would be space management. Find out how much clearance area your garage will have for your hydraulic car lift installation. If there is not enough space inside the garage, you may need to install most of the automobile lift outside your garage and then move it into the garage later.

The DIY Manual

The rest is simple, really. You may ask a friend to lend you a hand, although it is not mandatory. You can get the whole machine setup on your own. The DIY manuals that generally come with the hydraulic auto lift are very easy to follow. It might be a time consuming task, but it is definitely something that is accomplish-able.

Finally, for the best results, go through the manual thoroughly before you start working on the hydraulic car lift installation.